Tower Records will Distribute Draft King EP

Draft King - Just Say u.r.

In May it was announced on Draft King’s website that their limited release EP Just Say u.r.? will be distributed by Tower Records and will be available to the general public. The CD will be available on the June 25, and purchases can be made through Tower Records Online.

In a more recent news post, Draft King announced that the CDs distributed at Tower Records would come with a limited edition sticker. The sticker, shown on this post’s featured image, is an illustration of all the Draft King members.

Unfortunately, it does not look like Tower Records ships internationally so the CD may still only be available to people living in Japan. However, it may be possible to order through CDJapan’s Special Request service. If anyone is successful with this method, please let us know in the comments.

Once we get our hands on the CD we will write a review, so be sure to look forward to it later.

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