Just Say u.r. Release Tour

Draft King - Just Say u.r.

Following the announcement of Draft King’s first EP, the band just announced on their website that they will be having a release tour for Just Say u.r.. Here are the dates for all the performances.

  • 4/18(Friday)Shimo-Kitazawa ReG
  • 4/19(Saturday)Osu MID
  • 4/21(Monday)Osaka LIVE HOUSE D’
  • 4/25(Friday)Hakata Queblick
  • 4/27(Sunday)Kokura FUSE
  • 4/28(Monday)Hiroshima Namiki Junction
  • 5/1(Thursday)DaikanyamaLOOP
  • 5/23(Friday)Shibuya eggman

The news post also included a promotional poster for the tour.

Draft King - Just Say u.r.

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