Draft King – “Just Say u.r.?” Review, Part 2

In Part 1 of this review for Draft King’s EP Just Say u.r.? I talked about the packaging. I used my knowledge in graphic design and art history and a bit of research on the professionals involved with the packaging, so I hope you were able to find something interesting. Part 2 of this review will focus solely on the contents of the disc. Again, this is my first time doing a music review, so feel free to leave feedback for me or further discuss this review in the comments below.


The first track of Draft King’s first EP is none other than the popularly played “Abracadabra.” Along with a “Mayonaka Merry-Go-Round” live video, an “Abracadabra” live video was uploaded to stageAce’s website last summer in 2013. In September 2013 the live video for “Abracadabra” reached the number one position on stageAce and it was announced that Draft King would be working with stageAce to produce a music video for the song since it was the most popular at the time. For those of you who have seen the music video for this song, then you should be familiar with what this track sounds like since it is the same audio used for the video.

“Abracadabra” is a positive, high energy song. MAO’s guitar and SHIHO’s drums are very prominent and create the high energy, while erica’s vocals give the song its positive mood. NOHANA also helps keep the rhythm and adds a nice touch right before the chorus plays. Other than that, there really is not much to say. While it definitely defines what Draft King’s style is like, it lacks that certain element that makes it stand out from their other songs.

Personally, I prefer most of Draft King’s other songs over “Abracadabra” but that doesn’t mean it is a bad thing—it just means that Draft King has made even better songs in the past year. It took half a year for Draft King to release the video, so it makes sense that they created better sounding content since that time. If there is anyone out there reading this who has not checked out the rest of Draft King’s songs, I highly recommend that you do so. Don’t judge Draft King solely on this single track if you don’t like “Abracadabra” as much as you would have hoped.

Hey My Love

The second track is Draft King’s staple live song “Hey My Love”, which had its own special limited release in June 2013. “Hey My Love” is one of Draft King’s very first songs as it is present in all of Draft King’s early set lists, including their opening performance for Stereopony at STEREOPONY Lover’s Xmas Live Final, which I had the opportunity to attend. Out of the two songs they performed, “Hey My Love” was my favorite and still remains as one of my favorites, despite the amount of new songs Draft King has cranked out since then.

“Hey My Love” is a short rock tune at two minutes and forty seconds, not even 3/4 as long as “Abracadabra”. Where it lacks in length, it makes up in its special niche as one of Draft King’s better rock sounding songs and one of their best songs for crowd interaction. Even in this studio version of the song you can hear Erica urge the crowd to repeat after her “Hey! My! Hey! Love!” as it switches between Erica’s main vocals and back-up vocals.

Even though I say this is one of my most favorite Draft King songs, it is the least viewed live video on Draft King’s YouTube channel. I’m not surprised though since this song definitely shines much brighter at a live venue than through a headset. Out of all of Draft King’s song, “Hey My Love” is definitely one that is currently underrated and deserves more attention.

The decision to include “Hey My Love” as the middle track of the EP was a good one since it rides on the energy created by “Abracadabra” and prepares the listener for the finale: “Mayonaka Merry-Go-Round”.

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