Draft King EP Announcement

Draft King - Just Say u.r.

At the night of their Kyoto MUSE Live, Draft King announced that they will be releasing their first EP 「Just Say u.r.?」 at their One-Man Live on Friday, March 28. Draft King’s official website was later updated with this news post. The English translation is below.

The EP will include the songs “Abracadabra,” “Hey My Love” and “Mayonaka Merry-go-round.”


Draft King!! Finally! Sale of the long awaited 1st EP has been decided!

「Just Say u.r.?」

Recorded songs
Abra Kadabra
Hey My Love
Mayonaka Merry-go-round

And, the day it goes on sale is!!
3/28 (Friday) Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO
Draft King One man LIVE!!


It will go on sale at the Quattro one man!!
It will be the precious 1st EP so, please take a look!!

Later that week the cover for the EP was revealed on Draft King’s website. It is pictured below.

Draft King - Just Say u.r.


What do you think about the announcement? The cover image is cool, right? Which song are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments below.

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